The Birth of our Son

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew straight away that I was going to have a Natural Birth experience. There was never a doubt in my mind… after all my Mother gave birth to 4 kids naturally and I had “Child Bearing hips”. That was my birth plan.

I had a very good pregnancy, first time I saw the Gynae at 16 weeks everything was on track and the moment I heard the heart beat for the first time, I knew that I was very blessed.


There were no medical problems throughout my pregnancy, besides the fact that I had no immunity against the measles virus and had to make extra sure I did not come into contact with any child/adult affected.

The only thing I can complain about is Heartburn, oh my heck… its was there all day every day from about 5/6 months and didn’t disappear until the day he was born. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to drink Bicarb in water for a short relief just to get back to sleep for a while longer. Chris was often making this mixture for me.


We were awarded with the News that we were expecting a baby boy at our 19 week scan. I made the gynae check 2 times after that just to be certain. But it was definitely blue!

Baby had moved in position in time, and My Gynae often commented on the size of Connor  (he naturally is a big boy). But we never once discussed that this would be an issue.

We were at one of our Antenatal classes, and they were screening all the different birth experiences. I had just eaten a Chocolate Muffin on arrival of the class and it was already coming back to punish me. Thankfully I had to leave the room to go and get sick (yes the heartburn was so bad that I usually got sick) so I missed the Cesarean video. I say Thankfully, because I doubt I would have been able to see it through had a seen the video prior to my operation.

Thinking back, to the time leading up my due date, I never felt the common “Braxton Hicks”. But I never thought twice about it then. Connor was in position and it was just a matter of time. I had no reason to think otherwise. He was a very active little kicker (Today his balls skills are on point, no wonder though, he has tons of practise in mom’s womb). His favourite time was when I was relaxing in the bath. I loved to watch him kick and push, reminding me of the precious life growing inside me.


 However, Chris and I were getting quite antsy for our little rascal to arrive. It was a weekend, a few days before my due date. Chris had a “not so brilliant” idea that I try Castor oil and orange juice (much to the warnings of my Aunt) I went ahead with it.

I honestly thought I was in labour… and I can only laugh about it now. I was timing the “contractions” aka Stomach cramps!  Lying in a warm bath and running back and forth from the Porcelain Throne. And then just as quickly as it starts, it was over and I was no closer to labour.

So much to my dismay, I waddled to my check-up which was set for a day after my due date, 18 February 2014. We were on a tight deadline, because my Gynae was due to go on 2 weeks leave in just 3 short days and I had just gotten comfortable with him, I definitely did not want my birth experience to be with anyone else.

Anyway, so he suggests we do an Internal to assess the progress. After, he promptly advised the following: –

  1. Get induced, have the baby go into distress and be rushed to emergency C-section
  2. Book a C-section and avoid any possible stress to my baby.

“Stress to my baby” No way do I want to do that! A highly strung, heavily pregnant woman – is definitely not capable of putting things into perspective. I went the route that sounded these harmful to my child. I was in tears, It wasn’t part of my plan!! Chris continued to support every decision I made and reminded me that everything was going to be okay!

That afternoon while I was lying on the couch, directly under the air-con, the Hospital called to say that my Gynae wasn’t able to do the C-Section on the 19th (Which I had just booked) but I would need to report to the hospital at 5am on the morning of the 20th of February. That was okay – I had one more day: of being pregnant, to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen and get some last minute sleep in.


Sleep?! What a joke – I couldn’t sleep – I was a huge bundle of nerves: excited and anxious. In just a few short (felt excruciatingly long) hours, I was going to be a Mother.

We arrived at the hospital on time (Surprisingly – only a few occasions that I have been on time) and I was prompting booked in and attended to. I was shaking, I was so nervous, this had also been the very first time that I was ever booked in to hospital – so it was definitely a day for first experiences. Chris left me for a short period (the explanation is for another blog post), while he was gone they inserted the catheter… which is by far more painful than the whole recover process. It was so uncomfortable and made me feel very uneasy. Chris returned and I start away felt much more relaxed. He held my hand and was right there with me.


Had the routine discussion with the anesthetist and had drips inserted etc. It was then time to be wheeled to theatre.  On entering the theatre room, Chris had to leave while they gave me the epidural, getting it right on the second attempt. I was then laid done and the curtain went up and I quickly lost feeling in the lower part of my body. Chris came back in and was right by my side.

It truly is the most unusual feeling – there was no pain but I could feel them pulling and tugging on body without actually feeling anything (sounds crazy but that is exactly how it felt for me) I heard my water gush out. The lights that shone done on me for the doctors, also happened to be reflective and at one stage I caught a glance of my cut open self – I promptly turned away and locked into a gaze with Chris. And then I heard the most beautiful sound in the whole world. Connors Cry!

But small problem, he was slightly stuck. It took my Gynae and his assistant to pull on each side of my open wound and the anesthetist to push from the top to get my “little Rugby player” out (that was what the Gynae called him). They held him up and he was perfect in every way.


Chris left my side to go and cut the cord. They bought him back to me and I laid eyes on my beautiful baby and the tears were flowing and no words can describe the happiness I have within that exact moment.


Chris followed Connor and I got stitched back up. And when I was getting wheeled back to my room I passed my Mother in Law who was waiting in the hall way and once back in my room, Chris came in with Connor (They were skin to skin) and then it was my turn to officially hold my son to my chest. Skin to Skin – Heart to Heart.


He was healthy – 4.15kgs and 53cm. He was Mine. Connor Mitchell Lee

My stay was wonderful and the nurse were great, so helpful and understanding. Connor wasn’t allowed to stay with me the first night but they did bring him in for feeds and to cuddle. They rest of the time Connor stayed with me. They nurse’s wanted to take him to give me a break but they only time he left me was during visiting hours. Chris was with me during the day and very hands on from the moment Connor was born.


We sneaked my aunt (Connors God Mother) into the grandparent’s time… she is only 10 years older than me so I’m sure they knew we were bluffing.

Connor had a small jaundice scare but wasn’t high enough to go under the lights (thankfully) and after 3 nights in hospital we were discharged. Milk had come in and Connor had Latched well.

Chris drove the slowest he has ever in his entire life (he has a heavy foot for the accelerator) We got home and little did we know how much our life’s were about to change. We thought we were prepared. LOL!


It is and always will be, one of the BEST days of my life. 20th of February 2016.

He was perfect. He is perfect, perfect to me.


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2 thoughts on “The Birth of our Son

  1. How beautiful this little man’s journey has been getting here and how proud his parents at his arrival look forward to reading more of his journey love you lots beautiful work on this blog hun


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