Lets get Started!


My name is Sade Tamara Lee, Mother to Connor Mitchell Lee and Wife to Christopher Lee.

I hope you find something worth reading in future blogs to come. Which will mainly consist of: Finding Motherhood, my Boisterous Toddler, My Sick Husband and anything else that comes along the way. Lots of variety ahead.

This is definitely something I have been wanting to start for some time – I have always believed it would be the best way to express everything that I have gone through and overcome, however something kept holding me back:

Perhaps it’s that fact that writing has never been my strong point…. In School I barely made it through an essay without having an explosion of red markings across the pages. Much to my surprise,  I still Matriculated with a B in English (Don’t ask me how)

Perhaps it’s the fear that when I pour my heart and soul into this blog…. The world will judge me, and everyone is at least a little afraid of judgement… However, I’m ready to share all my trials and tribulations.

Here’s hoping that something that I have experienced, in my 24 years on this earth, can help and motivate someone else in a similar position. So, I have taken the plunge and there is no turning back… My life and experiences are going to start filling up this blog, one post at a time. Lets Do This!

One last thing to end off my very first post, and its something I have to remind myself of daily (and too often forget) is that the most important thing to have in Life, is FAITH – Faith that God’s plan for you is better than the plan you have for yourself.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

 Happy Reading!


Disney Mom


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